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2-DAY LEADERSHIP SEMINAR ON DNA OF LEADERSHIP / Professional development. Business acumen. Mind dynamics. Strategic leadership. / 4-5 December 2018



    Professional development. Business acumen. Mind dynamics. Strategic leadership.


    • A dynamic and collaborative leadership seminar designed to deliver you a better insight and broaden your leadership style and core and its content.
    • The seminar and session will give u insight and teach you loops of leadership frameworks, tools, key core element which give leverage and extensive growth to your organization and create high performance collaborative environment.
    • Recognize insight and overview of leadership role in our lives / careers.
    • Identify behaviors that create successful platform among a diverse environment in today’s global workplace.
    • Create personal accountability to embrace Diversity and Business Environment
    • Innovative learning seminar tailored sessions and designed to share Latest trends in leadership and topics that are commonly faced by multi stage companies during growth explore challenges and A to Z of Leadership Core and Content which deliver authentic leadership.


    Project innovation knect365 Design HexaBase Model Approach for authentic leadership to to seat leadership challenges in leadership world

    Seminar and Session aim to make world class leaders, we believe that proper training, mentoring and expertise, any motivated person can lead and become authentic leader, our tailored designed session have shared vision and aim to unleash your potential to new exceptional height which will developed leader within companies, multinational firms, organization and institutions.

    This interactive seminar and workshop will focus on core content and strategic approach for leadership culture, Project Innovation kncet 365, deliver customized leadership seminar and session targeted for professional and Aspiring leader in different shades of life to deliver most efficient and dynamic authentic leadership.

    Each module of leadership session creates an environment of trust and success for all attendee, Participants will explore the debugging and unlocking the different shades of leadership, stereotypes, myths, and realities of today’s global, multi-generational workforce. The focus will be to expand awareness across multiple dimensions of what makes each of us unique. In today’s workplace, it is critical to recognize that authentic leadership and connected to an organization’s strength and competitiveness.

    Participants will practice new methodology and approach behaviors that enable them to treat every individual with respect, resulting in increased employee engagement, result orientation /engagement, and leadership accountability.

    Attention will also focus on exploring workplace trends, change, and best practices to create an environment for high performance culture and leader’s productivity, and satisfaction.  Participants will be asked to look within themselves on how to appropriately break the stereotypes to educate and influence an environment that welcomes and leverages inclusion.  Participants will also create personal accountability for their leadership while embracing new ideas, perspectives, and engaging with today’s global workforce.

    Seminar include:

    2 Days Intensive Session

    Day 1:

    Leadership Accelerator Session, Leadership development, Business Growth Board operation and leadership session Nuts and bolts

    Day 2:

    Experience the 360 ° Leadership equipped with efficient and Cutting-Edge Method and Approach with HML Approach Model, Team Building and Collective Intelligence Leadership Tools

    Included in Seminar Fee:

    Onsite training and workshop

    Q& A Session

    Certification (Project Innovation Knect 365, Europe Leadership Council )

    Business Lunch and Cafe Break.


    Key Speaker: Baly S (United States)

    Speaker: Laura Grinberga  (Latvia)

    Entrepreneur, Author, Visionary, Business Leader, Executive Leader for Fortune 500 MNC

    Founder Chairman & CEO Help Hope Care Foundation, A Global Organization, Project Innovation Knect 365, British Luxury Innovation Worldwide.

    Founder Help Hope Care Foundation A Global Effort, Skybase Inc, La Essence Group, CCW, Color Coding Word Processor

    Design Develop and Lunched Europe 1stColor Coding Software for Autism, (Aim Autist Emotion Expression Pathway) in NVA Netherlands 2007

    Board Membership:

    • Europe Leadership Council, United Kingdom
    • Executive Advisory Board Council, Global Leadership Development.
    • Executive Director European Business Hub, Germany
    • Member of Project Management Institute PMI, United States
    • Board Member for Ron Paul International Foundation of Peace and Prosperity, United States


    Bellevue Park Hotel , Riga

    Slokas Iela 1, Rīga LV-1048 ,Latvia

    Date/Time Information:
    4-5 December 2018
    10am to 4pm

    Contact Information:

    Contact info:

    Tel: 26575571


    € 390 Per Participant



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